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      3. Cork rubber sheet gasket mechanical seal
        Contact: Mr. Dong
        Mobile: 18231865888
        release time:2017-7-27 18:22:50

        Cork rubber sheet gasket mechanical sealProduct

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        The company produces a variety of materials such as cork rubber pad, asbestos pad, asbestos gasket, such as Dingqing, Ding stupid, natural neoprene and EPDM composite cork rubber sheet; this product has flexibility, compressibility, Is the ship, car, tractor, diesel engine, mechanical and electrical equipment sealing mechanical parts ideal new material.

        The company has produced according to user needs a variety of different specifications of the cork rubber gasket, seals, but also according to the user to provide drawings, mold production of special types of mechanical gasket, seals and special parts to meet customer requirements for Purpose, the company will provide you with quality products and excellent service.

        Logo, label, packaging
             Products using corrugated box packaging, box with product quality certificate.
             The sales and packaging of the product shall be marked with the name and specification of the product, the name and address of the factory, the quantity or weight of the product, the date of manufacture, the shelf life, the implementation of the standard number and the rainproof and moistureproof mark.
             Product transport to lightly move, so as not to damage the packaging.
             The product is stored in a ventilated and dry warehouse.
             Products in the standard storage and transportation conditions, the shelf life of one year.

        density g/cm3
        Shore hardness A
        tensile strength,Mpa
        Elongation at break%
        Compression of permanent deformation rate%
        Resistance to turbidity coefficient
        Resistance to aging coefficient

        Diesel engine liner catalog table:

        model model model
        Jiang moved 2100 Clouds 4100 Shanghai 495A
        Jiang moved 2102 Xichai 4100 Shanghai 395A
        Jiang moved 2110 Xichai 490 S195
        Young move 2105 Moving 490 S1110
        Yang moving 2108 Xinchang 490 Los drag 4105
        Raising 2115 Chang Chai 485 Los drag 6105
        Longxi 2105 Whole Chai 495 On Chai 6135
        Longxi 2100 Weifang 495 On Chai 4135
        Chang Chai 2102 Weifang 4100 On the wood 12V135
        Chang Chai 2105 Weifang 4105 12V135
        Often through 2108 Weifang 6105 Weifang 160A
        Often through 2115 God cattle 295  
        Regular moving 2105 Ningbo 295  
        Yintian 2108 Type 40  
        Whole wood Type 120  
        Yuchai 2108 Type 135