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        Company purpose:People - oriented, integrity and pragmatic, innovative and enterprising, social returns.

        Business purpose:Reputation first, the user first, quality satisfaction, delivery on time, is willing to cooperate sincerely with you, hand in hand development.

        Service purposes:When the quality of tracking, the rapid handling of quality objections.

        Quality objectives:To better than domestic and international standards of plant control standards to meet customer expectations of the physical quality of products and requirements.

        Entrepreneurial spirit:Reputation of the Chinese, famous world.

        Enterprise's goal:A Chinese famous brand, out of the world boutique.

        marketing strategy:Unique varieties, good quality, affordable, prompt delivery, flexible strategy, service quality.

        Business style:Economic efficiency, management system, the principle of doing things, work efficiency.

        Corporate ethics:Honesty.

        Business philosophy:I have no people, people have my gifted, gifted people I special, people I fine.

        People of the concept:Thinking lead, people-oriented.

        Hebei revitalization and your integrity cooperation, create a better future!